Boys Trousers

Crush Denim is the right place for the best boys' pants. With our wide range of children's clothing, we have something for everyone.
For example, you can shop different types of pants at Crush Denim. Crush Denim always offers the highest quality children's clothing and is always up to date with the latest trends.

Latest Trends

Crush Denim is always on top of the latest children's clothing trends, so are the trends for boy's pants. One of these latest trends is jogging pants with stripe.
The jogging pants with stripe can be combined with almost anything. Whether you're wearing a
polo or a hoodie, the stripe sweatpants go well with everything and are also available in a light or dark color.
In addition, these pants are also very comfortable, and these pants are suitable for any occasion. Whether your child is going to school or playing outside, these pants go well with everything!

Skinny fit

Another trend that is also in play is the skinny fit pants. These pants look like normal jeans, but are more comfortable. This is due to the stretch fabric that is incorporated in these pants. The black pants for boys are also highly recommended. These pants can be combined well with different outfits. These black pants for boys are also available in different sizes, from size 104 to 170.

In addition to the black pants for boys, white pants for children are also recommended.
These white pants for children are ideal pants for special occasions, such as parties or weddings.
With these white pants, you are always in the right place; just like black pants, the white pants for children also have a stretch fabric. This stretch fabric makes the pants feel nice, and the pants will not rub against your child's skin.


Of course shorts are also not to be missed from our range. Our shorts are available in different colors, both dark and light colors.
These shorts are a must-have for your kids when you go on vacation. Those, the white shorts for boys are the right choice. A light summer color, perfect when you go to a warm country.
These shorts for boys also have a stretch fabric, which makes these shorts very comfortable.


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