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Are you looking for the best jackets for children? Then you've come to the right place at Crush Denim. Crush Denim is the children's brand for both boys and girls. You are always in the right place at Crush Denim with our wide range. Whether you want to order a shirt, pants, or sweater for children, we have them for you!

Winter jacket kids

Our winter jackets for children are
recommended. Therefore, Crush Denim is always up to date with the latest winter jacket trends for children. You can already order a cool parka jacket for boys at Crush Denim. If you prefer a shorter version, the bomber jackets are ideal.

Summer jacket for children

You can also order the best summer jackets for children at Crush Denim. At Crush Denim, you will find the best types of summer jackets for children. Because of our wide range, there is always enough choice.

Boys' jacket

In the Netherlands, it sometimes happens more often than the weather changes quickly. It can suddenly get quite cold in the summer, or in the winter, it can be a bit warmer. Our in-between jacket offers the right solution. Our in-between jackets are suitable to wear during any season.

Children's coats boys

Why should you buy our coats? There are several factors why Crush Denim is the right choice to buy our jackets for kids. Our jackets are very warm and are made of excellent quality. The fabrics are exceptionally durable and will not break easily. As a result, winter coats, summer coats, and between coats for children will play a significant role in the longer term. These jackets will go well with our sweaters, T-shirts and jeans for boys.  


All our winter jackets for children and other garments are of the highest quality. In addition to the fact that Crush Denim considers a high quality and good service necessary, we also find it very important to be socially responsible.

Much of our clothing is produced in Bangladesh. To ensure that the factories' workers are treated well and can produce the clothing under the right working conditions, this factory has signed the Bangladesh agreement. This allows us to guarantee the safety of our employees.

To check whether this is also being observed in this factory, regular checks are carried out. Our professionals then pay a visit to ensure that the employees can produce the clothing in good conditions. Would you like to know more about our CSR policy? Then view our


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