Boys Polo's & T-shirts

You get the best T-shirts and polo's for boys at Crush Denim. The trendy prints and designs make the shirts virtually timeless. You can make the best combinations with our T-shirts and polo's for children. Whether you will wear it in spring, summer, or fall, you can always wear the colors and models to school or a party. We want every T-shirt and polo to be worn by many children. That is why we choose to make our sizes available from size 104 to 176. Not sure about the right size? Then you can use our size chart to choose the right size.

Your outfit

Wearing a children's T-shirt or children's polo can be combined in various ways with cool skinny jeans or cool shorts for the summer. For example, you can wear a red polo for boys very nice with our skinny jeans. Boys will like the red polo very much and will certainly stand out because of the color red. A red polo on boys will also look great at parties and stand out very well compared to the other children. A T-shirt is also always possible to wear. Because if the boy is cold, all he has to do is wear a hoodie or sweater on top. In other words, a T-shirt is meant for every season! Not sure yet which T-shirt or polo will suit the kids? Then view our boy's collection, where you can see all items.

High-quality clothing

Our T-shirts and polo's for children are made of high-quality cotton and other materials. Because in addition to choosing trendy colors and models, it is essential that the garments also fit comfortably and are of good quality. A T-shirt should last a long time, especially when the boys play outside. It can happen that even at parties, they unexpectedly go out to play or play a football game when the weather is nice. Boys are just children who play rougher than girls. A confident boy is a boy who takes pride in his trendy and high-quality outfit. Be style with our Crush Denim clothing.


Your fashion jeans for boys are manufactured in beautiful Bangladesh. But what makes our clothing so unique? Crush Denim takes many accounts of the employees of the factories they work in. Our employees' safety is well monitored, and the buildings are often checked. Independent agencies in Bangladesh do this. We guarantee our employees' quality and safety based on the "Social Compliance audits." We are also working with the "Bangladesh Accord" so that the employees are in good hands. Would you like to know more about our CSR policy? Then view our CRS-page!


Do you have any questions about buying sweaters for boys, or do you want to know more about Crush Denim? Then you can email us at or you can call us on +31 020 449 9005. We are available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Our professionals will answer your questions. Also, follow us on Instagram en Facebook.

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