Boy's Sweaters / Hoodies

The coolest sweaters and hoodies for boys can be found at Crush Denim! With Crush Denim, you are always up to date with the latest trends. The coolest color combinations, models, and prints complete your outfit. We make every sweater and hoodie accessible for children of our sizes. You can get the long sleeves for boys from size 104 up to and including size 176. Are you still unsure about the right size? Use our size chart so you can find the right size.

Fashion outfit
These days, sweaters and hoodies for kids are all the rage. We naturally respond to this. That is why you will find unique sweaters and hoodies for boys in the Crush Denim collection. You will not easily find the imprint and models anywhere else. The colors are also awe-inspiring. Because of our timeless designs, you can wear our clothes in any season. A warm hoodie for the winter and a thin sweater for the spring. Make the coolest combinations with our boys' sweaters. For example, you can combine boys' hoodies very well with one of our boys' jeans. Or with our trendy jackets for boys. This is the style you are looking for. Are you not looking for sweaters or hoodies for boys? Check out our page with sweaters, long sleeves for boys, or trendy pants.

High-quality clothing
What is the ideal combination of clothes for boys? Well-manufactured, sturdy garments, comfortable fit, and trendy. You will only find this combination at Crush Denim. This way, the boy can continue to enjoy his clothes and proudly display his outfit at school. The cotton is of high quality, and the garments are put together in a professional manner. This way, the child can be himself and excel with his outfit because a confident boy is a boy who is satisfied with his fashion appearance. Aren't these sweaters or hoodies for boys the right piece of clothing you are looking for? Then you can go to our boys' collection to pick out your clothes. You create your style with the clothes from Crush Denim.

Our trendy hoodies and sweaters for kids are made in our factories in Bangladesh. We care deeply about the conditions of our employees in our factories. That is why we often check them by external bodies. "Social Compliance audits often limit working conditions." They ensure that they work in the right working conditions and do not work too much overtime. Because we have also joined forces with the "Bangladesh Accord," the buildings will also be appropriately checked. This ensures that the safety of every employee is in good hands. Would you like to know more about our CSR policy? Then view our CSR page.

Do you have any questions about our boys' collection, or do you want to know more about Crush Denim? Then you can send us an email at, or you can call us on +31 020 449 9005. We are available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Our professionals will answer your questions. Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. There it is also possible to ask questions. Curious about our collection? View our sweaters and hoodies!