Girls Jackets

At Crush Denim, you will find the best girls' winter coats and summer coats for every occasion. Complete your outfit with our summer coat and a winter coat for girls. The jacket gives your outfit that extra something that you will immediately notice. Because in the Netherlands the weather changes so quickly that you have to be well protected. That is why Crush Denim has the latest trendy jackets for every girl. We also take the sizes into account, so it is possible to buy your coat from size 104 to 176. Are you unsure about the right size? Then use our size chart to choose the right summer coat or winter coat.. 

Summer Jackets

The summer needs to wear a nice trendy summer jacket in addition to the best Crush Denim shirts, You can look your best with our summer jacket for girls during the summer. They are designed based on the latest trends, and you can certainly see that! The bright colors and models are completely contemporary. After you buy the summer jacket for girls, you will find yourself wearing a unique jacket in the summer. In other words, you will stand out with our unique jackets in summer.

Winter Jackets

Always wanted a comfortable girls winter coat with a fur collar? We certainly have that at Crush Denim! We have what you like within our range. Like the summer coats, we also follow the latest winter coats for girls. So, in addition to looking nice, you are also well protected against the cold. Because our winter coats are nice and thick and will protect you against the cold, and because the winter jacket for girls has a fur collar, you will also be well protected against the wind around your ears.

High-quality Jackets

Both the summer coats and the winter coats for girls are of high quality. You will notice this in the way it is manufactured. That way, you can be yourself and do your thing. Both the outside and the lining material will remain in place during the outdoor activities that you will perform daily. This way, you can enjoy running outside, cycling, and hanging on the climbing frame. A confident girl feels more comfortable in her skin if she can move comfortably and look nice! You can combine our winter jacket and summer jacket for girls with our jeans en sweaters with our jeans and sweaters. Check out our other pages for fun girls clothes


Your fashion jeans for boys are manufactured in beautiful Bangladesh. But what makes our clothing so unique? Crush Denim takes many accounts of the employees of the factories they work in. Our employees' safety is well monitored, and the buildings are often checked. Independent agencies in Bangladesh do this. We guarantee our employees' quality and safety based on the "Social Compliance audits." We are also working with the "Bangladesh Accord" so that the employees are in good hands. Would you like to know more about our CSR policy? Then view our CRS-page.


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