Girls Skirts

Skirts can complete an outfit. With a skirt, you can easily make your outfit festive. A skirt can also be ideally combined with a simple top or sweater with a casual outfit. At Crush Denim, we sell the best fashion items for children, and we go along with the latest trends. View our offer and shop for your ultimate outfit.

Skirts for children
Crush Denim is today's iconic children's clothing brand. We offer both boys 'clothes and girls' clothes, including skirts for girls. A skirt can be styled in many ways. For example, it is lovely to wear a skirt on hot days. It's merely better than tight skinny jeans. Skirts for children are also ideal for festive occasions or simply in the fall, in the winter on leggings or tights. Our skirts are tailored to the latest fashion trends. We ensure that you are completely trendy, with the Crush Denim skirts.

Black skirt for girls

Black is the color you can never go wrong with. They sometimes say that you can never go wrong with a "little black dress." But you are also always in the right place with a black skirt. It's so easy to combine with a nice one top, blouse or a sweater. A black garment can be matched with bright colors and neutral colors, and you will never go wrong with an 'all black' outfit!

Different types of skirts

There are different types of skirts, and with these different styles can be created:

  • A-line skirts, skater skirts have an A-shape and can be combined well with festive outfits.
  • Straight skirts, straight skirts are usually a bit tighter and look nice under a neat blouse or an oversized top.
  • Denim skirt, these skirts are usually a bit thicker in the fabric and have a cool look and can therefore be combined with a cool top or vest


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