Girls Cardigans

A cardigan is a piece of clothing that is worn over a top, t-shirt, sweater or blouse. And especially in the Netherlands, where the weather is quite changeable, it is ideal for wearing layers. A cardigan is, therefore, a perfect garment! View the Crush Denim range for all our girl's cardigans.

Cardigans for girls

Cardigans usually have a cool appearance and can be combined very nicely with cool jeans or comfortable sweatpants. A vest is also ideal for when it is just too warm outside for a jacket and just too cold to go out in a top alone. Sometimes a cardigan is just what completes your outfit. Our cardigans for girls are easy to combine with different fashion items so that you can create a cool, sporty and even a "girly" outfit.

Children's cardigans

Crush Denim is today's iconic clothing brand for children. Our garments are all tailored to the latest trends and are all made of premium quality fabrics. Our children's vests feel soft and are very comfortable. The nice thing about a vest is that you can wear it open, but also closed. If you leave the zipper open, it is nice to put on a nice top below that can undoubtedly be seen. Even when it is a bit colder, it is useful to wear a warm cardigan over a neutral top in a simple color. In addition to our girls 'vests, we also sell boy's cardigans.


At Crush Denim, you can count on the clothing to be of high quality. The fabrics that have been used will last a long time. This way, the girl can be free in her activities because an insured girl is a girl who likes her clothes to be comfortable during her outdoor activities. Because we want our clothing to be of good quality, we also ensure that our employees receive the best working conditions. That is why we choose our employees in Bangladesh to work in safe and well-maintained factories. This has been agreed with the "Bangladesh Accord." Would you like to read more about our socially responsible company? Then go to our CRS-page!

Buy girls cardigans?

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